Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Season Two Continues

Well we have been busy working on Season Two for the last few weekends and are now two-thirds of the way done. We have a wonderful crew joining our cast this year. And the cast has expanded to include such fantastic actors. All bringing on the funny!

Joining returning cast members Tom Walz, Erin, Holt, Adam Joseph Reich, Eli Chance and Richard Van Slyke are Michael Robert Holmes, Gregory Guy Gorden, Keith Wright, Aileen Marie Scott, April Audia, Ellen Caranasos Sharp and Meghan Olsen.

We have some great stuff captured and we have been having too much fun on set. So great to be back with all these wonderfully talented people.

Here is a little sneak peek at some of the behind the scenes fun. Check out our facebook page for more photos. And be sure to follow us on twitter.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Season Two Filming is underway!

This past weekend, the cast and crew of The Playhouse headed down to The Silver Dream Factory studios in Anaheim to film some key hospital scenes for the second season of The Playhouse. New cast members Ellen Caranasos, Gregory Guy Gorden  and April Audia joined returning cast members Richard Van Slyke and Adam Joseph Reich to film some key scenes involving a hospital. The footage looks great and the new cast members are all welcome additions to the team.

This weekend, the main cast returns for the filming of Episodes One and Two at The Attic Theatre in Los Angeles.  Shocking twists and turns coming this fall to The Playhouse. Stay Tuned!