Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet Roger Marlowe

Roger Marlowe is the Co-Artistic Director of The Mishawaka Playhouse in Mishawka, Indiana along with his wife Doris Del Monaco. He directs and she stars in everyone of The Playhouse's productions. He discovered her when she was down on her luck and transformed her into Mishawaka's brightest star. But all is not well in this marriage. The only thing bigger than Roger's ego is Doris' ego.

Roger has his eyes on every young starlet and chorine in town (and then some) and it's no secret he has had more than his share of dalliances. One of these days one of them may come back and bite him in the ass.

Roger has also got the goods on Doris' past, but so does she on him. What is his deep dark secret? Will it catch up with him or will he manage to keep it under wraps? As long as Doris keeps it secret, he's golden. But if she doesn't, then what?

Tune in to The Playhouse and find out.

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