Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Peggy Sawyer

Peegy Sawyer just arrived in Mishawaka from Sweet Apple, WI with stars in her eyes. Peggy has wanted to be an actress her entire life and one of her idols is the legendary star of the Mishawaka stage, Doris Del Monaco.
Peggy walks into the Mishawaka Playhouse in hopes of getting to work with Doris. Doris resents Peggy for she is everything Doris is not talented and young. Doris does everything she can thwart Peggy. And although Peggy is upset at first she takes it with the sort of pluck you would expect of a girl from Sweet Apple.

Peggy has also caught the attention of the men in the Playhouse, specifically the lustful Roger and the earnest Dick. But both appear to be playing their own game and Peggy doesn't know who to believe. She turns to Rock for advice but maybe Rock isn't all he seems to be.
This isn't what Peggy was looking for when she same in search of the bright lights. Who knew the theater was so full of lies and deceit. It's a hornet's nest.

How will Peggy survive? Who can she trust? And how does she keep her hair so nice and perky all the time?
Tune in to The Playhouse and find out.

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