Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Rock Del Monaco

Rock Del Monaco is Doris Del Monaco's son by her first husband...may he rest in peace.

Rock is a director, lighting designer, set designer, costume designer and choreographer extraordinaire. Unfortunately, all his mother and "stepfather" see is a gopher/stage manager. His dream is to run his own theater producing Sam Shepherd under the stars.

But he is stuck watching his mother and husband number 5 butcher every play they lay their hands on. Rock was raised in the Playhouse watching his mother perform. He deserves it more than anyone else and there is nothing he won't do to get his hands on it. He resents his mother and he despises his duplicitous "stepfather". He has to stop them. But how?
Rock enlists the aid of local drama Quentin Armitage. But sometimes Quentin acts as if the pilot light has gone out upstairs. Things seem dire.

But then in walks Dick Cummings, hot young playwright. For Rock, it is love at first sight even though Dick doesn't swing that way. Rock doesn't care.

Will Rock take down his mother and Number 5? Will he get the theater? More importantly, will Rock get Dick?

Tune in to the Playhouse and find out.

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