Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Dick Cummings

Dick Cummings brilliant young playwright. Just two years out of college he received a commission to write a play based on the local legend of Crybaby Bridge. He's young, idealistic and full of great ideas. He could be the next Arthur Miller but instead he's stuck with The Mishawaka Playhouse which has received an NEA grant to produce his play. He has no choice to stand by and watch the talentless Doris and Roger override every decision he makes.

And then into this walks Peggy Sawyer. Peggy an angel, a ray of light in this dark abyss. The perfect girl for the lead in his play. Unfortunately, Doris will have none of it. Dick falls hard for Peggy but Doris wants Dick for herself and she's pulling every trick in the book to get Dick.

What can Dick do? Roger says he can help but Dick thinks Roger has ulterior motives. Rock wants Dick for himself but Dick doesn't swing that way. Dick is stuck between a Rock and a hard place.
What's a young playwright to do?

Tune in The Playhouse and find out.

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