Friday, July 29, 2011

Back into the Field

Tomorrow is Day Three of our production schedule. It has been four weeks since we shot our first two days. We are at a new location starting tomorrow...The fabulous Repertory East in Newhall, CA. I've done two shows there in the last year and love it. It's a beautiful space and has fantastic facilities and one of the best artistic staffs around.
We will be using their lobby, hall and office spaces to sub for the fictional Mishawaka Playhouse.
Due to scheduling conflicts and such it took us four weeks to get everything together. So our challenge will be continuity.
Wardrobe and hair will have to match what it was 4 weeks ago! That is why we took photos of everyone in their costumes on our last shoot. As an example, I made sure I got my haircut the same length exactly two weeks before this shoot just as I did before the last shoot.
Tomorrow should be a relatively short day. Only four actors are required (Erin Holt, Tom Walz, Kate Danley and myself). Then in 3 weeks we return with full cast to complete the shoot.
Tonight is full of last minute preparation, costumes, props, shot lists, phone calls, emails, etc.
More to come after tomorrow's shoot!

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