Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday at the Editing Bay

Kate here and it has been a busy week at The Playhouse Production office. Richard came over Tuesday night and we both sat down to look through the dailies (that's a fancy word for raw footage - usually you watch them each day to see what you got). You know you're in good shape when you're still busting a gut two hours in to the screening. This cast is HYSTERCIAL and there are moments of pure comic gold. Lordie, this gang sure is a group of good sports... Apologies for some of the crazy things that we made you do! Know that it was worth it!

I've been working in this acting business for two decades and have met some incredibly talented people. It breaks my heart that some of those folks have left this planet and there is little to no record of the work they have done. When I first moved to Los Angeles, a friend and I shot a short film on 16mm, the cheapest-medium-while-not-looking-like-crap available. We begged, borrowed, and stole, and yet, that simple two day shoot on a shoe-string budget was over $5000. Between film developing and transfer, editing bays and retransfer, it took over a year of people working their tails off to get that 15 minute film put together.

But in this digital age, Richard and I were able to write this script in the comfort of his living room and the local coffee shop. We're able to gather in my converted dining room and watch the footage at our leisure. I can edit sound and adjust color while listening to the kids playing in my courtyard.

The biggest thrill, though, is getting to preserve these performances - to be able to take the stock characters our friends do better than anyone else out there and know they will be captured forever.

We're gearing up for Day 3 of shooting next Saturday, as well as some B-roll on Sunday. Can hardly wait to play!

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