Saturday, July 23, 2011

Watching the Footage

As Kate said in her blog, we watched what we've shot so far and I have to looks amazing! The digital age fascinates me. It's hard to believe what you can do with virtually no money and all you're own equipment.
I really lucked out teaming up with Kate. She has experience writing and producing her own web series and she's become a one-woman production office. She owns the camera, sound, the lighting and the editing program.
She sorted through everything and put it in sequence order prior to my heading to her place to watch the footage. She has put so much time and energy in to this and I don't know how she does it considering she has so much else going on. She has inspired me. I don't think she has any idea how much she has inspired me.
The two of us find so much joy in the little things that can be done with the editing program like panning in on someone. Awesome!
Some of the shots look great. Just the framing and the pictures. Wait till you see.
And the cast, who is all doing this for the fun of doing it. I cannot say enough about them. They have all taken the material and run with it.
I can't tell you the sense of pride I have when I watch that one take where everyone in the scene is spot on and the shot looks really good. And I LOVE the outtakes. I like letting the actors play and there is some funny stuff. We will have a blooper reel included when this is all done.
I am excite to be moving on to our second location next Saturday and filming more. Then we have another three-week break and another day of shooting the remaining scenes and then we are done and ready to edit this puppy! Can't wait!

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