Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Janet Grayson

Det. Janet Grayson, Mishawaka P.D.

Det.Grayson is called in on a case at the Mishawaka Playhouse. And what a case it is! Grayson is no match for this mixed bag of nuts. Grayson is strictly a no nonsense gal and the playhouse nuts are no straight arrows. The Police Academy didn't prepare her for this. What exactly has she gotten herself into?

An over the top diva with questionable morals, her over the top ham actor husband who will sleep with anything that moves, a flaming queen who keeps taking digs at her expense, a big dumb lug that has no clue why she's there and a couple of wide-eyed innocents trapped in the lies and deceit of the others.

Will Grayson solve the case? Will she get her man? Can she get a man?
Tune in to the Playhouse and find out.

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