Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Quentin Armitage

Quentin Armitage is the drama critic for The Mishawaka Gazette. No one really knows how Quentin got the job, especially Quentin himself. But then Quentin doesn't remember what he had for breakfast...or if he even had breakfast.

Rock has enlisted Quentin's help in getting back at his mother. And he has promised Quentin he'll be made City Editor if Quentin helps him with his plan. Let's just hope that Quentin can remember what to do long enough to do whatever it is that he is supposed to do.

With Quentin, the light may be on but he isn't always home. But what he lacks in smarts he makes up in raw sexual attraction. There's something about him the ladies like...big and dumb. Just ask Doris.

But don't discount Quentin. Sometimes he gets it right. Especially when you need him most.

Will Quentin remember what he has to do? Will he get a press hat?

Will he get a clue?
Tune in to The Playhouse and find out.

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