Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet Doris Del Monaco

Doris Del Monaco is married to Roger Marlowe (Husband Number 5) with whom she is the Co-Artistic Director and Star of The Mishawaka Playhouse. Doris is proud that The Playhouse is Mishawaka's leading legitimate theater (even if it is Mishawaka's only legitimate theater).
Doris has trod the boards lo these many years (just how many no one really knows) playing every role from Peg o' My Heart to Little Mary Sunshine. Her talent is no match for her outsized ego. No lead role ever goes to anyone other than Doris...no matter the age. Doris rules the Playhouse roost with an iron fist. But one of these days it may get the best of her. She has made a lot of enemies over the years.
She has cuckolded her husband Roger many times as she has seduced or attempted to seduce every leading man she ever had. She also holds a secret over Roger that keeps him in line...for now. Will he continue to let her hold this secret over him?
Her son Rock, talented and gay, has been trying desperately to get out from under his mother's shadow, much like Lorna Luft. But she will have none of it. He is merely there to serve her. How much longer will he take it?
How long before one of her spurned lovers comes back seeking retribution? How much longer before the botox wears out and she is forced to play roles suitable to her true age?
Tune in to The Playhouse and find out.

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