Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Edit Edit Edit - Richard's View

You know that moment when you're in rehearsal for a play and towards the end of the rehearsal period (maybe the week before tech), the director comes in and says "We have a show people!"? It's that moment when he/she sees that everything has come together and it's going to be work.

Last night was that moment for me in the "editing bay". We have a show people!  So many great things on film, from the acting, to the lighting, to the camera setups, to the rough edits.  It looks good and I think we have something here.

Then Kate and I are started brainstorming. what can we do for the opening credits, music, publicity? How do we get this out there and when are we going to upload Episode 1?

It's all out there folks, just waiting to come together. One last day of shooting this Saturday and then all that's left is the post.  And come September...look out world. Here comes The Playhouse.

So to answer Kate's subtle with a capital B hint in her post....stay tuned to find out of there will be a Season Two of The Playhouse.

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