Monday, September 26, 2011

One more week...

Hey Kittens! Kate here. Just wanted to give you a heads up that due to some super cool stuff going on behind the scenes here at The Playhouse Clubhouse, the release of Episode 2 is going to be delayed a week. While I'm sure all of you have synced your Timex watches and are breathlessly waiting to find out what happens next, think of this as allowing the tension to deliciously build. Come back next Tuesday, October 4th!

I can tell you're upset.


How about a special "Behind the Scenes" moment to help soothe your wounds? Would that make it better? I thought so, too!

Did you wonder what Peggy was saying during her Glass Menagerie monologue? As you drama nerds probably know... there is no monologue in The Glass Menagerie... Richard and I knew it would be MOS (that means "without sound"), so our script just read "And Peggy does a monologue from The Glass Menagerie". We told our actress to wing it. Erin Holt, being the pro that she is, though, sat there on her iPhone the day of the shoot and constructed this beauty. Sam French, eat your heart out.

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