Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Playhouse now on Vimeo!

Many thanks to all of you who have supported The Playhouse during its very first season! We're so grateful for your support/likes/comments/subscriptions... This was a pure labor of love. As more and more soap operas met the sharp edge of the program executioner's ax this year, we wanted to create a fond homage to that which makes soap so great. The crazy story lines, the wide camera angles, the squeaky floors, the dramatic camera zooms... They were all deliberately done to try and capture the tropes of this art form, an art form that is rapidly... and sadly... disappearing.

We are now posting our videos over on our Vimeo page.

Why Vimeo? Well, we noticed that YouTube has compressed our projects quite a bit and decided that it was high time to break out of the pixelated prison we were trapped in and set our episodes free to frolic amongst the intertubes in their beautiful, crystal clear, HD glory. We're practically syndicated!

Right now, episodes 1 - 4 are up, and 5 & 6 are on their way. Even if you've seen them before, head over for the rerun to see them the way they were meant to be!

Also drop by in the next couple days for a special treat... Things don't always go smoothly on set... and we have the footage to prove it. Don't be a stranger!


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